The Benefits of Living in an Assisted Living Community

The Benefits of Living in an Assisted Living Community - assisted living

More than 800,000 American seniors live in assisted living facilities or communities. As America’s population ages, that number is expected to grow.

Seniors often express a desire to age at home, not realizing that many assisted living options still allow for a great deal of independence. Retirement communities with assisted living options are a great choice for seniors who need a little extra care to maintain their independence.

Do you want to learn more about why more seniors are choosing retirement communities with assisted living?

Read on to learn the major benefits of moving into assisted living retirement communities.

Private Living Quarters

There is a common misconception that assisted living is synonymous with nursing homes. They envision themselves living in a single room with caregivers coming in and out as they please. 

The truth is that a retirement community with assisted living services has independence built in. Our residents have their own private living quarters and can schedule assistance based on personal preferences. 

More Ease with ADLs

One of the biggest reasons that many seniors can benefit from assisted living is that it provides more ease with activities of daily living (aka ADLs). Activities of daily living include tasks like:

  • cleaning
  • cooking
  • bathing and grooming
  • getting dressed
  • navigating your home
  • using the restroom
  • transportation

ADLs can become more difficult to manage with age. They are also an important part of a high quality of living. By receiving assistance with ADLs, you can continue to enjoy a full and healthy life.

Freedom from Home Maintenance 

When you continue to live at home, you’re responsible for time-consuming chores and home maintenance. From mowing the lawn to having the dishwasher repaired, it can seem like these chores are never-ending.

When you move into an assisted living community, you are freed from these mundane tasks. It is no longer your responsibility to ensure that your home is in good shape or contact plumbers and electricians. You retain the joy to make your home your own without the responsibility of maintaining it. 

Increased Social Opportunities

Socialization is an important part of life and something that many seniors don’t get enough of. Regular socialization comes with unbeatable benefits including lower anxiety levels, a reduced risk of hypertension, and a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s. 

Retirement communities like Dimensions Living offer ample opportunities for socialization. Here, you won’t just socialize with your caring and compassionate caregivers. There are planned events to attend, opportunities to take trips, and countless neighbors to pass the time with who are similar in age and may share many life experiences. 

Easy Access to Care

Unfortunately, aging at home can come with serious health and safety risks, especially when living alone. Your home may contain slip or trip hazards, like slippery shower floors or steep staircases. If you have trouble with driving, you may not be able to get to regular doctor appointments to check on your health and address any chronic disorders or illnesses.

When you live in a tiered retirement community, you have easy access to regular care. This includes visits from caregivers as well as immediate access to skilled nursing as needed. This is incredibly useful if you need help with medication management or post-surgery recovery.

While you might not need immediate medical care today, the important thing is to have access to it when you need it. By living in a retirement community with assisted living, you can rest assured that your needs will be addressed.

Improved Nutrition

No matter your age, a well-balanced diet is a key part of your overall health. It’s not always easy to keep up with nutritious and flavorful eating when you struggle with mobility, have stopped driving, or live alone. Why not let someone else do the cooking for a change?

When you live in a retirement community with assisted living, you can keep preparing the meals you’d rather prepare, yourself. You can also let us take care of meal prep and cooking for you. When you decide that you’re ready to hand over the spatula, we will strive to provide you with nutritious and delicious meals.

The Joy of Community Life

When you continue to age at home, you often see quite a bit of turnover in your neighborhood. The people you knew move out and new families move in. Sometimes, even the establishments you once considered a staple in your community close their doors and you barely recognize the place you call home.

Moving into a retirement community can bring back the joy of community life. You can get to know your neighbors and build a new and steady routine that involves familiar faces. 

A Better Plan for the Future

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that it will be easier on you and your loved ones if you develop a plan for the future now, rather than in reaction to a catastrophic event. By moving into a retirement community with assisted living, you gain access to tiered care that can increase with your needs.

Take control of your present and your future. Consider Dimensions Living for your golden years.

Consider Dimensions Living Retirement Communities with Assisted Living

Retirement communities with assisted living are a great solution for seniors who need a little help but can still live independently. As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to making this transition.

Dimensions Living has tiered assistance options to suit all of our residents’ individual needs. We have four communities across Wisconsin and Illinois. To learn more about our communities and services, contact us today.

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