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Skilled Nursing
at Dimensions Living

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Skilled Nursing at Dimensions Living

Needing extra time to get back on your feet is the most common reason that a person seeks out skilled nursing for themselves or a loved one. When you have surgery or experience a medical event, the very few days that you are given at the hospital to recover just may not be enough.

After suffering from a stroke or undergoing surgery, you may benefit from the help of physical therapy. For more chronic conditions, someone may need round-the-clock care. Regardless of the level of individualized care you need, skilled nursing can provide you with the necessary medical resources and expertise required.

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What is Skilled Nursing?

Whether your loved one would benefit from short-term care with a focus on rehabilitation and recovery or long-term care, you will find that Skilled Nursing at Dimensions Living offers a wide range of healthcare services to meet their unique needs. Our highly qualified and licensed staff is available 24/7, to ensure that our residents receive the vital attention and care they need without disruption or a change in surroundings.
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Life in Skilled Nursing

Dimensions Living offers private and semi-private rooms to mirror the comforts of home while our residents receive the care they deserve. When your loved one is not attending physical, occupational, or speech therapies to ensure they recover as quickly as possible, they are encouraged to participate in daily activities such as brain games, cooking, and crafts.

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Find The Right Skilled Nursing Community

If you find yourself in need of skilled nursing, you may be wondering how to begin this search. A significant factor is location. Dimensions Living is located just a short drive from the best restaurants, parks, hospitals, and places of worship. Be sure to schedule a visit and keep a list of all questions you may want to ask. This decision is huge for your whole family, so educating yourself is essential. Refer to resources like the Department of Health and Human Services long-term care site or the National Institute of Health.

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