5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Assisted Living

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Assisted Living - assisted living

Did you know that over 810,000 seniors live in assisted living communities? 

Assisted Living facilities are popular senior living communities that offer a good mixture of assistance and independence. 

As you consider all the senior care options available, you might wonder why you should choose assisted living for your senior loved one. 

Here are five reasons you might want to consider moving your loved one to assisted living. 

1. They Need Help with Daily Tasks

An assisted living community is ideal for seniors when they need help completing normal daily tasks, such as hygiene, getting dressed, or housekeeping. It’s also ideal for seniors experiencing problems with forgetfulness. As people age, they might forget to do normal daily activities, such as taking their medication or eating. 

If you suspect that your loved one might have dementia, you can learn the signs of the early stages of this disease. When seniors begin experiencing these early signs, they’ll likely need some living assistance. 

2. They Have Mobility Issues

Apartment homes at assisted living communities offer easy movement for seniors with mobility issues. No stairs to climb and most come with additional safety measures too. If you worry about your loved one getting around, they may benefit from living in an assisted living community.  

3. You Worry About Falls and Injuries

Additionally, while assisted living offers an independent lifestyle if so desired, they are also available to assist when needed. Your loved one can call for help if they fall or experience a health issue.

When you worry about a loved one falling or getting injured at home, it might be time to start thinking about moving them somewhere safer and where they will have full-time access to assistance. 

4. They Have Health Issues or Need Help with Medication 

Another good reason to consider assisted living is for help with health issues and medication. If your loved one needs someone to help them with these things more often than you are able, they will receive the care in an assisted senior living community. You can look for “senior living communities near me” to learn more about your assisted living options.  

5. They are Lonely 

One additional reason to consider the best senior care option of assisted living is to ease the loneliness that many seniors feel.  

Seniors living alone might feel isolated and lonely, especially if they can no longer drive or have frequent visitors. Being lonely can make a person feel sad and depressed. However, this isn’t the only risk involved.  Lonely seniors might have a higher chance of experiencing more illnesses and health problems.  Studies show seniors who suffer from loneliness or depression tend to experience more health issues which often leads to a shorter lifespan. 

Your loved one will have caregivers and like-minded seniors around them, the ability to experience activities and outings, as well as participate in healthy age-appropriate exercise programs. 

Consider Assisted Living When Comparing Senior Care Options

Assisted living offers many benefits, including safety, security, and assistance. So, as you start comparing all the senior care options available, you might realize that assisted living is the ideal choice for your loved one.

At Dimensions Living, we offer assisted living options for seniors. Are you interested in learning more? Contact us today for more information about our facilities.  

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