The Advantages of Selecting a Top-Rated Memory Care Community in Appleton, WI

A senior and a nurse laugh and spend time together in an assisted living community room.

Across America, more than 800,000 people now live in assisted living. Many of these communities vary widely in quality and it can be time-consuming for patients and family members to find out about the services they offer. 

In the United States, a significant number of individuals require assisted living, with many opting for memory care facilities to support loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s. These communities vary greatly in quality, making the search for the best care a daunting task for families and caregivers.

Understanding the importance of quality ratings is crucial in this process. However, not everyone is familiar with how these ratings, such as those provided by CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services), are determined and their significance. Are you aware of the high-quality care options available in Wisconsin, particularly in the Appleton area? Dimensions Living Appleton stands out with a five-star rating, highlighting our commitment to excellence. 

Enhanced Registered Nurse Presence 

A key factor in achieving a five-star rating is employing a greater number of registered nurses than lesser-ranked communities. This is especially crucial in memory care, where residents’ needs are complex and varied.

A higher ratio of nurses ensures that residents receive the attentive care they need, including comprehensive health monitoring and support for daily activities. This is vital for preventing accidents and ensuring that each resident receives personalized care.

Supportive Staff Beyond Nursing 

While registered nurses play a pivotal role, the support from certified nursing assistants (CNAs) and other staff is equally important. Five-star communities like Dimensions Living Appleton have robust teams to ensure every resident’s needs are met, from personal care to engaging in activities that enhance their quality of life.

Staff Longevity and Consistency 

One of the markers of a five-star community is the low turnover among registered nurses and CNAs. Long-term staff provide consistent care, fostering a deeper understanding of each resident’s needs and preferences. This stability is essential for the well-being of residents, particularly those with memory care needs, as familiarity and routine are comforting.

Better Medicaid/Medicare Reimbursements 

Cost is a significant consideration when choosing a memory care community. At Dimensions Living Appleton, our five-star rating not only signifies quality care but also impacts financial aspects, including Medicaid/Medicare reimbursements. Higher ratings can lead to better reimbursement rates, easing the financial burden on families.

Stable and Effective Administration 

The administration’s consistency in five-star communities reflects strong leadership and operational excellence. This stability ensures that policies and care standards remain high, benefiting residents through superior service and care.

Understanding the Rating System 

The CMS rating system ranges from one to five stars, assessing facilities across various criteria to provide a comprehensive view of their quality. These ratings help families and caregivers make informed decisions by simplifying the evaluation process of care communities.

Regular assessments by CMS ensure that the ratings reflect current standards and operations, offering a transparent and reliable resource for those seeking the best care options.

Dimensions Living Appleton’s five-star rating is a testament to our commitment to providing outstanding care and services to our residents. Only a select few achieve this level of recognition, underscoring our dedication to excellence in memory care.

Discover More About Our Top-Rated Community 

We take pride in being among the best in Wisconsin, focusing on the well-being and care of our residents. Dimensions Living Appleton’s five-star rating by CMS underscores our commitment to excellence.

If you’re considering memory care options, we’re here to discuss your needs and how we can support your family. Contact us today to learn more about our community and the difference we can make.

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